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Cypress Therapy & Counseling is committed to improving the mental health and wellbeing of individuals and families by facilitating mental health providers who are empowered to deliver patient/client-centric, highly accessible, comprehensive, and culturally competent care that leads to life-changing outcomes.

We exercise specialized programs spanning the full spectrum of psychiatric, physical and therapeutic needs, to provide financial and operational support that allows providers to fully devote their time and talents to clinical excellence, and compassionately serve the diverse needs of their individual spaces.




Hello, we are so glad you are here.


I have always had a passion for helping others reach their goals and full potential. And since 2004, it has been my privilege to walk alongside many amazing people in their journey. With a wide variety of experiences in not only a clinical setting, but also in Cy-Fair ISD, Spring ISD, and with non-profit agencies, I am well prepared to assist you. Life can be challenging, but you are not alone.

My certifications in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and as an LPC Supervisor give me specialized skills to work with individuals facing anxiety, depression, self-harm behaviors, mood disorders, and eating disorders. I also use my Dialectical Behavior Therapy certification to guide clients into a deeper understanding of themselves and their emotional regulation.


As a CBT therapist, the most important part of counseling is having a safe space to be heard. The relationship between the therapist and the client is one of the utmost importance to me. I work hard to develop a comfortable environment and to develop a unique relationship with each of my clients. I consider it a true blessing and joy to have the ability to work with so many wonderful people!


When I am not working, I am listening to a variety of music, painting, or hanging with my family and our three dogs. I am a lover of coffee, dark chocolate, and all things vintage. I adore old movies, and enjoy art museums and eating delicious food at fun restaurants around town.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to talk more about how I can best support you! You are worth it and you deserve to find your peace.

Tiffany Priska

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LPC-S, CBTC, DBTC
Owner/Founder Cypress Therapy & Counseling



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