Mindfulness Tips to Help You Keep Your Cool Over the Holidays

12 Great Steps to Help Your Holidays Go More Smoothly from THE/THIRTY

Maybe you're reading this while trying to put out a kitchen disaster before a big holiday meal. Maybe you're under a pile of wrapping paper wondering how you're going to get everything to look Instagram-perfect. You could be working late at the office trying to finish that year-end report for your boss. Or maybe you're lying in bed, so tired, but unable to catch a wink of sleep. We could go on and on with more scenarios, but we'd be here for a long time.

Whatever the case, the whole gist of this is to say that the holidays can be batshit crazy. When your stress level is at an all-time high and you're being pulled in so many different directions by your family, friends, boss, and co-workers, your first instinct might be to scream and rip your hair out (or just run away to a far-flung destination). Both of those things aren't exactly feasible (well, fleeing the country to a tropical island sounds pretty nice), but there are some other ways to cope with huge amounts of holiday stress that don't involve you losing your hair and voice or running away.

One thing that can really help is learning how to change your mindset and using some techniques that will help you stay calm and take a step back when things get tough. We asked mindfulness and meditation experts for some quick and doable techniques to employ this holiday season. Read on for their tips and try them out—and even better, these aren't just specifically for the holidays; they can be used year-round, too.

Here they are....

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